Thank you for visiting Tastin’ Jamaican.  This handcrafted Caribbean style salsa is made with mangos, lime, and a touch of brown sugar to give it a uniquely fresh flavor that is very addictive.  So many people have asked to buy it, that you now get a chance to experience the taste. Be sure to read about the company, see what our customers are saying about the salsa, mark your calendar so you can attend special events with us, order your salsa through our site, or pick it up at a few local retailers.  Missed our announcements page? Click here to see our recent announcements. Be a fan of ours on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter so you don’t miss anything about this awesome “Taste o’ Jamaica, Mon.”
Tastin’ Jamaican
Caribbean Style Salsa
Mild. Medium. Hot. Different.
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(Commerical produced by Caleb Oliver, @caleb_oliver via Twitter.)